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Maybe it's was my subdivision builders fault but I still think FedEx sucks. In my subdivision there is a Bridge Landing AND a Bridge Grove. And the builder decided to give both streets a house with the same number.

Having said that My FedEx driver can tell the difference because apparently can't read, tell the difference between house types OR COLORS. Oh and the other house has been foreclosed on and is EMPTY and the grass is a foot tall

3 Times he has either delivered a package destined for my house to the other house or has decided to keep the product.

First time, a 750 dollar exhaust for my Mustang.

Second Time a 2200 dollar 1080p 300" Home Theater Projector(I think that's in his basement)

Third Time Nothing big but 189 dollar car floor mats for my truck.

Every time I have filed a complaint with FedEx and they have investigated and the driver has said he indeed did deliver the package to my house. Thank God for insurance.

I believe the packages are either being stolen by the driver or left at the other house. Which the neighbors know is empty and are taking the packages.

UPS Gets it right USPS gets it right why is this numbnut getting it wrong?

Monetary Loss: $3139.

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