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A package was submitted to FedEx on Wednesday for Friday delivery. But when I checked through tracking, it indicated it would be delivered on 12-2-13.

I called and talked to an agent, First she told me it was an airplane problem so my package was in Tennessee, than. It was the Weather. So I asked if she could help to get it to me by Saturday, she said no it will be there by following Monday. I asked to talk to a supervisor, 15 minutes later I talked to April, “supervisor” she was rude and totally uncooperative.

Now it was not the Airplane, or the Weather, now it was the holiday. I asked if I could pay to have it delivered on Saturday, she said no, it has to be initiated by the shipper, I told her that they were already gone, since it was 2 PM in California and 5 In the East. She really did not care, I asked why can I not pay for it she said no, I asked if as a courtesy, she would upgrade it to Saturday Delivery, she said no she WAS not going to that.

I asked to talk to her supervisor, she said they would call me back, so “if it absolutely positively has to be there” do not use FedEx.

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