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We got home around 11:30 last night and found a package at our door, but it is for our crazy neighbor next door. Why did FedEx leave at our door instead of hers, the package clearly has her address on it - twice once printed and once handwritten?

The mailboxes on the same post has her address on it. I took the package to the FedEx office and I was pissed that FedEx expected me to deliver the package for them, if it was any other neighbor - no problem. I took the package to FedEx and told the manager named Michelle that I WAS NOT GOING TO DO FEDEX'S JOB AND DON'T EVER LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN! She sarcastically said in a loud voice "have a nice day sir." I'm home for a while and a FedEx truck pulls up by my driveway and I see the delivery guy with the package I just took to his office - unbelievable!!

I ask him if he's the one that delivered that package yesterday? He says he did and I tell him the package belongs to the woman next door and he tells he thought the address was for our house - again!!! I tell him to look at the mail boxes they have large 3 or 4 inch numbers on them. If I hadn't been home that damned package would have been at my door again.

I told him don't ever leave me her packages at my door again or else they are going in the trash. I noticed when he went next door he left the package on the porch but didn't ring the doorbell - that's why this happens they just dump the package and go onto their next screwup!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Were yours and your neighbor's house numbers actually on your house or on a post by the road? I drive for FedEx and am amazed at how many houses don't have numbers on them.

We're not mind readers people. Put numbers on your house or in your front yard if you want yours (or your weird neighbor's) packages delivered properly.

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