I took a half-day from work, in order to be at my residence for the 10:30 AM delivery stated on the FedEx tracking site. My apartment's living room and balcony overlook the parking lot and front door, so I staked myself out on the patio. Imagine my surprise when at 9:30 AM, as I'm enjoying a cup of coffee on said patio, I check the FedEx tracking site to discover my packages status to be "Delivery Attempted: Failed Delivery Due to Resident Not Being Home" with a time stamp of THREE MINUTES EARLIER. I look around, and see NO SIGN of a delivery truck. I walk to the front door of my building: there is no note. There is no proof of a delivery truck coming to my apartment AT ALL.

So I call FedEx customer service. After zero help from Consuela, I was transferred to supervisor Carol who claimed that they would attempt to call the driver and ask him to turn around. Apparently, by the time they got in touch with the driver, he was already an hour away. How this is even possible, since he "just attempted delivery" is beyond my comprehension. Carol then tells me that the delivery truck will be able to stop by at 1:40 PM today. Only problem: I'll be at work. Working. Because I could only call in for a half-day. Carol basically said "can't do anything else.. you could get it delivered tomorrow" (who are these people, that they think I have all this free time where I don't have to work?) or "pick it up tonight at the shipment depot" (IF they leave me a note, that is...)

So I'm off to work without a package, only the promise that I might be able to drive 20 miles out of my way to the shipment depot, and finally claim the package I paid extra shipping to have delivered to my door this morning.

Thanks FedEx for the amazingly BAD experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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