Every time a delivery is coming via FedEx, it is always delayed. The reasons will be things like customer not available or future delivery requested both of which are lies!

I work at home, so I am here all the time, I have plenty of indicators when somebody comes on my property, yet, they delay for those reasons. Currently, I have a shipment that has been on the truck for almost 38 hours now (according to the tracking information). It said out for delivery 38 hours ago and then Scheduled Delivery: 7/10/2020 By End of Day. Now it just simply says pending.

I never have this problem with UPS; even the USPS is more reliable than FedEx. Their customer service" tries to tell me it's somehow my fault because I need to go into their delivery manager and put in instructions for where to leave it.

Really? So I have to tell their drivers how to deliver a package?

User's recommendation: AVOID THEM AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!!!

FedEx Cons: Bad customer service, Consistently missed estimated delivery window, Failed to deliver packages on time.

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