Whether it be Chewy, Walmart, Home Depo. Or Amazon, packages no matter what their size or content is delivered by literally being dropped off at a location convent to the driver.

Whether it be prescription drugs, prescription pet food, furniture, appliances, vacuums, steam cleaners. It gets dropped off to Neibor's homes, inconspicuous locations connected or not connected to your home. Ignores notes or items as to where to and how to drop it off, so you get it

Fact that these things are perishable by time, too large to lift yourself (if you find it) or can easily be stolen before you even know it's there. Compromised by weather condition that rune the contents.

Or important to be delivered in a timely manner as the prescription is needed immediately.I have been sincerely upset by this whole nightmare.

My cat has stomach cancer, requires both food and medication several X a day. I'm i presently a home without furniture, so if I'm ordering it I require it.Im ready to stop ordering from anywhere that uses Federal Express

User's recommendation: Look for another method of delivery,. safe yourself stress and time.

Location: Tampa, Florida

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