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Tried to ship a laptop from ireland to china. The Fedex customer service guaranteed me that the package would be sent in 'priority post' and that in the event of damage to the item I would be compensated for any loss.

This turned out to be completely false information. I had to provide a huge number of documents in order to ship the item. The customer service were completely incompetent in assisting me in doing so. The package took one month to arrive.

It arrived damaged and they refused to compensate me for the damage as they claimed it wasn't their fault. Later found out that Fedex were actually dealing with a third party distributor in Ireland, which was responsible for the damage. I was unable to ever find contact info for the third party company affiliated to fedex.

All in all, Fedex's utter incompetence was very stressful and costly. Don't deal with them!

Monetary Loss: $350.

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