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I hate fedex,I never get packages without a nightmare of excuses. The last 2 packages were found at a neighbors house 2 days later with no help from fedex.

That neighbor said fedex leaves packages from 2 other addresses at his home also, he just moved in and does not know any of the neighbors yet. Sometimes they tell me my address does not exist, and I have to meet the driver at a store or a gas station or along a road somewhere. When a signature is required it is a one or two day delay to get my package after finding a note on my door. I lost a customer over the last package because he was tired of my excuses over fedex delays.

I just had a package held at the location for Monday to save myself more delays but now I have to drive there to get it. I tell people please don't use fedex but some do anyway. I don't have these problems with ups and usps. The post office has the best and fastest service of all of them.

At the business where I work we switched from daily ups to fedex 2 years ago and switched back 3 weeks later because of our customer complaints and the poor service for us. Fedex is the worst delivery company out there I don't know how they stay in buisness.

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Took you two years to realize fedex sucks, meanwhile you lost customers? Duh

Westbury, New York, United States #806819

just use ups or postal

Titusville, Florida, United States #804652

Seems like Fedex is constantly causing you problems. I think the best solution might be to stop using Fedex.

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