I do all my holiday shopping and used all of the above for shipping. FedEx delivers on Saturday and I have seen trucks on Sundays.

FedEx saved my butt on an eBay order that the company I ordered from was the problem and put the blame on FedEx and all the other shipping companies. On 12/3/14 the company Crescent Direct sent me by e mail a FedEx tracking number. The company used the eBay item code as the tracking number, (a trick to make you think its been shipped) The company kept stating that its FedEx didn't scan the package right or was lost. Crescent Direct kept saying it was FedEx and they are not responsible.

After three days of no activity from FedEx and Crescent saying the item has shipped, I called FedEx. I gave them the tracking numbers, by this time now I had two tracking numbers from Crescent Direct. Both number were not in FedEx records. After contacting PayPal the company Crescent sent out a new tracking number and this time it was a valid one.

When I finally got my package the items were defected. Again, the company Crescent put the blame on the shipping till I was asked to send pictures of the defects. So the story goes, its not always the shipping that's the problem.

Do a review on the company your ordering from and see how others received their products.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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