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I received some paperwork from my lawyer on a Sat, delivered by FedEx, that needed to be picked back up or dropped in a drop box by Mon. I called FedEx two hours after receiving the paperwork to set up a pick up on Mon, which they would come by between 12 pm and 6 pm to pick it up.

Monday around 3:30 PM I called FedEx to get the status of my pickup, giving them the confirmation number they gave me Sat. At first, the rep said she had no info on the pickup-then she said they WILL be there between 12 and 6 PM. At 4:30, I couldn't wait anymore and went 5 miles to the nearest FedEx drop box-which was posted as Pickup on Monday 5:30 PM. Whew!

Glad I didn't depend on them-I called Tues to check the status and they said: Monday's pickup had been cancelled because of multiple pickups (whatever that means!) and they would pick up Tues between 12 and 6 PM. When I wanted more info about the pickup, we became disconnected. Needless to say, they haven't picked up Tues either and its after 5 PM now.

Keep in mind: the lawyers said that I MUST HAVE THE PAPERWORK PICKED UP BY MONDAY!! FedEx SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

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If you couldn't wait any longer than 4:30 why did you schedule a pickup between noon and 6? And why didn't you just go to the dropbox in the first place?

Fedex drivers are people just like you and me, sometimes there are just things out of our control.

Maybe this driver had been on the road for the maximum time allotted by the DOT. Legally they cannot drive anymore and therefore will have to reschedule pickups for the next day. Sometimes things happen.

Surely you won't get in trouble for something that was out of your hands; you took the documents to the dropbox in the time required. Not really anyone's fault.

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