Scheduled a pickup for 3 PM EST, at 12 03 PM EST with all details incl room number. Received a call in 5 mins saying room number incomplete.

Called back and gave it for the second time. Third time happens. 4 PM and the package hasn't been picked up. Call 4 to FedEx and they promise pickup.

4 35 and still no signs. Call 5 and the CSR tells me that the driver found no package (literally was sitting in front of package) while the dispatcher says driver did not find building. Scheduled a new pickup before 5 35 PM. Call 6 at 5 40 PM, only to hear that driver came in at 5 20 PM and found no package (was seated in front of package from 4 35 PM without moving anywhere - oh no calls too).

So third pickup scheduled now to 6 47 PM - Aka 6 hours and 45 mins since my first call and still trying to get a pre-paid package picked up.

WORST EVER SERVICE! (Not my first time this that too)

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Pick Up Service.

FedEx Cons: Not dependable drivers.

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

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