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I sent 2 used iPhones via Fedex to Vietnam in July 2010. The custom blocked the shipment stating that they do not accept used phones into the country.

Then they went into the effort of requiring written authorization by both the recipient and sender in order for the package to be return. Once their so-called completed paperwork was done, they had the nerve to send me back useless items of a hooded sweatshirt, nutrition mini dv tape, and a VHS tape! Fedex claimed that the wrong airway label was placed on my package. This is such BS because who would send these *** items internationally costing $90 shipping!

After 2 weeks of investigation by Fedex, they claimed to have found my package but there was only 1 iPhone instead of 2! This is to show that Fedex has very little security in safeguarding your package internationally with thieves and corrupt personal working for Fedex.

I am sorry, Fedex, but you lack integrity within your organization and I cannot entrust you with package. The best resolution that can be done is to submit a claim and get reimbursement after months of hassle with paperwork, wasted time, and headache in dealing with the issue!!

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I was going to research a reputable shipping company to ship something from Vietnam and thanks to your comments, I am reminded again that Vietnam shipping is aka a thief operating organization and yes you're right, Fedex is not the problem, and the employees and the custom are. *sigh.


FedEx is not the problem. You were cheated by Vietnam customs.

Vietnam customs is rife with corruption.

They steal many shipments entering the country during their "inspections." They also are often happy to extort money from intended recipients under one ruse or another. It is common regardless of what is being shipped.

Beach Park, Illinois, United States #962525

I sent a pa kage to my friend in ho chi minh for over a month now, I have recieved a call in the middle of the night telling me that the address and phone number was wrong. So I called my friend in vietnam and asked her to give the person a call then I went back to sleep.

I was relieved that the package was already been taken care of. When I wake up, I sa this message from my friend telling me that the people has my package I guess that's their post office, will not going to release the package! Guess what?? They told my friend that she has to pay 55.00 USD to claim it!!!

What??????? Seriously??!!!! I already paid the USPS here in united states to send it in the first place why would they charge my friend??? Golly!!!!

Is there anyone who knows how to report this greedy people?? Thank you so much!!!

to Gemma #1123247

I think she need to pay tax , and that money for. import tax and 10% for value of the items.

So did I have to pay for my package before. All she needs when paying is ask for the officer to give her the paperwork to show her the details of taxes she has to pay


I sent a package by USPS to Vietnam. THEY CALLED MY SISTER AND SAID IT IS OVERWEIGHT 11grams!!!

Really it was weighed by USA post office and now vietnam weight again and said over 11gram???!!!

Finally I know vietnamese custom want $100 because of 11 gram overweight. Wow Việt Nam custom is really really worst ever .

to S***billte Atlanta, Georgia, United States #955137

I'm currently going through frustration too because it's been over a month and the package is already over there but it keep saying it is because payment of charges. It is being held while the addressee is notified.



I sent a brand new 3GS (when it first came out) to vietnam via USPS and custom also was giving my friend s*!% saying that there is an importing tax and since it's electronic, my friend had to pay 30% of what the phone cost. He paid and gets to take the phone home.

I also sent greeting cards throughout the year and all went through, however, the only time that it got "lost" was when I included one $2 bill.

I also sent a slightly used laptop via FedEx to vietnam and there were problems too.

Everything you send to Vietnam are all checked, opened, or even swapped. Customs or not, even with the local officials you have to give them money before all else :roll I guess money really does talk, especially in Vietnam.

to Somerandomgirl #799607


I want to also send an iphone 5s to vietnam. I'm still debating should I use USPS or FedEx for it and what is the best description for it. Cause I know If you put iphone people might take it.

Thank you please reply


My boyfriend from the U.S sent Christmas presents VIA FED EX ;A Christmas card & a birthday gift in a form of necklace.It was the first gift that my boyfriend was given to me in our 5 years of relationship...but i was

so disappointed when I received it.It was totally wrecked They opened my Christmas envelope & my necklace package was divided into three,The original envelope was there inside but the outer envelope was a new one.I cried so much...


I think u shdve read between the lines. Ur package being held usually means u should have told your recipient to work with the customs, meaning backshish, it wdve went much smoothlier.

Vietnamese customs are corrupt, but they cant uphold theft as a general policy for long as it is also very risky for them (like rijsking *** off some bigger dog than themselves). Bakshish is a much safer way to make their living, therefore theyd take ur money any day instead of stealing from u.


Amen to that brotha!


That's right! I am a pissed consumer!

I want my SH*T back! Fedex doesn't need to be servicing a country that they have little or if any control or say so over their custom standards of allowing theft!! God dam*n communist! I hope china bullied Vietnam to the ground so that forsaken govt will get what they deserve.

Bless America for the freedom, the women, the beer, the multi-cultural food, everything!!! I love it here!!!

to ***ed ***sumer! #752936

just because u don't like the way the did and u hope their citizen live under the other gov. wtf?!@@!

u hope American for the freedom but Vietnamese is not?

what's kind of freedom u talking about? china is the f*k country i'm ever since


"Fedex can physically hand over the package for inspection but dont give it away to be confiscated!"

Exactly!! The Fedex employees should pull out their AK-47s on the Vietnamese government and demand that *** back!!



Countries are completely allow to created whatever import rules they want. It's their sovereignty!

The statistic of 99% that everything goes smoothly needs to be based on factual data. I have had personal experiences since the early 80's where my parents had numerous problem shipping many things to Vietnam and over the years, trade talks between the US had improved so, I gave this country the opportunity again! Like I have said, I entrusted Fedex to deliver and the fact remains, they didn't and the return package I received back does not belong to me. Fedex can physically hand over the package for inspection but dont give it away to be confiscated!

That's ridiculous to service a country who will do whatever they want without recourse! Never ship to Vietnam!!!


No one is misunderstanding your original post, you are just misunderstanding how international shipping works. When you import something into a country, 99 times out of 100 everything is going to work out just fine.

No carrier is going to stop servicing a particular country just because 1% of the time something goes wrong.

You must understand that Fedex has to PHYSICALLY hand over the package to the Vietnamese government, and their customs officials.

Those agents then do what they want with it. If they tell Fedex that they're not giving it back, there is really no recourse unfortunately.


For those who misunderstood my post, the issue isn't about custom! The issue is about the service by fedex as well as most carriers out there servicing corrupt countries.

When a package is entrusted in the hands of a carrier, as a customer, I expect it to reach its destination and for whatever reason that it cannot, the responsibilty rests upon the carrier! That's the bottom line. If many thefts had occurred in a particular country due to their custom policy, the carrier is still held responsible for servicing there! I apologize if you misunderstood my wordings, esp.

the part about thieves working for fedex, that was just an indirect accusation that fedex deals with corrupt countries who kept stealing content of packages! I am certain UPS, USPS, DHL, etc arent any better because they all attempt to service the world and everything possible, but is lacking to provide customer the risk with particular countries.


lol well I suppose you can blame whoever you please if it makes you feel better.

Lots of countries have strange restrictions on what they allow to be imported into their country. Some countries dont allow magazines or playing cards.

Mexico doesnt allow anything that was made in China.

Vietnam apparently doesnt allow used cell phones. A list of these restrictions is freely available online or by phone.


If you are claiming Fedex is right! You are insane!

Of course fedex has no control over custom! But fedex has complete control whether to service a particular country or not!!! If fedex has integrity with outstanding business practices, then DON'T service countries that are corrupt or steal packages!

There were absolutely no warning by fedex at all to customer about the risk of custom taking control of your packages! So, give me a break and I still blame Fedex!


Sorry to say but zaedo is correct on this one folks, fedex has no control if the vietnamese goverment wants to take something. Its just what happens with some countries, its not fedex's fault, its not your fault.

Some countries are just corrupt. When you import something into a country you have to play by that govt's rules.

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