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I bought an Apple Ibook G4 laptop on ebay and seller sent it to me via Fedex. The laptop never came so I contacted the seller and he sent me the tracking number.

then I entered the tracking number and there was a message saying that package was left on front door.

I live in an apartment with closed gate, I don't know how did they get inside the building without calling me (my wife was there).

I guessing that they lost it or drop it without any care on the gate and of course some one else found it.

I called them and they they that they were not responsible for the package and that they were instructed to leave the package on front door without knocking or calling. I am upset and sad because I lost my money.

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B, it wouldn't be his job but it would come out of his pocket. Fedex ground drivers are independent contractors that are responsible for the delivery of the parcels in their possession. If they leave a parcel that requires a signature and they don't get it, they're screwed if the parcel is reported lost.


please crqvindee work for fed ex express if it said it had to have signature and driver did not get it would be his job...


I had the same thing happen to me because Fedex, who had instructions that I sign on receipt, never knocked or rang the bell. NO laptop!!

When they sent someone to investigate I was told he would have to notify the police who would come and I could tell them of the theft.

Well, no police came and thank goodness the seller had insured the package so I received another laptop. Fedex told me they didn't have to have a signature even tho the seller said he paid extra for that option.

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