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I live in town, on a state road and for the 6th time in a 12 month period, FedEx has not delivered their package to me within a one week time frame of their "estimated delivery" window. It's constant. I have spent numerous hours on the phone with only broken promises to show for it. No one can ever get in touch with any "manager" and when I have left calm, assertive messages, they go unreturned. "Transfer here, transfer there, just get the customer out of my hair" should be the FedEx motto.

I printed out my tracking and it covers more than two pages. I am so tired of excuses. Every single notation is a weather delay, but when it's 45 and sunny, with no rain, sleet or snow in sight, I have a hard time believing that. Several days, it was just "not attempted". No other reason than perhaps the driver didn't feel like it?

The kicker of it all is that this is not the first, second, or third time that I have waited for more than a week past the estimated delivery. It's the sixth time in a one-year period. I have written the corporate office, submitting copies of all the delays and information and to this day, not a word. I finally got so fed up that I sent my complaint to them via UPS, so that I know it would get there. I thought maybe it would drive the point home about how I feel about their service.

I only use FedEx when it is my last option. At the rate their going, I could walk to my local terminal and back, and then do it again before a package reaches my house.

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FedEx SmartPost is the "Worst".....Plain and simple!

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