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This sucks, this happened to me today. I took off work today to make sure I received the shipment. I was sitting in the living room with my dogs (who go crazy if someone makes any noise near our house)... 11:34 am I get an update saying "customer unavailable not home will attempt 2nd delivery tomorrow"... uhhh WTF... I look outside and sure enough there is a door tag on my door.

Guy must have been a ninja to not raise my dog's alarms. Definitely did not ring the doorbell or knock on the door as I was right inside maybe 10 feet away, doorbell works fine and my door is definitely wood so knocking shouldn't have been a problem assuming he has hands which as a delivery driver I'm sure he does.

Just embarrassing for fedex and frustrating for me. I called and called and got through to supervisors and finally they connected me with my local station that dispatched the driver. I filed a formal complaint about the driver and stated my case, they said they are going to talk to the driver and find out what happened then they will call me back tomorrow. We'll see if that ever happens.

The guy must have been in a pissy mood or something not to bother ringing the doorbell or knocking. It's just rude, it's the equivalent of a waiter not asking what you want to drink or eat, but instead just walking by you as if they don't care that you spent money and are paying their bills.

I got two packages (no signature required) delivered in the last week and he did the same thing - didn't knock or ring the doorbell, just threw the package on the ground and left. Inconsiderate ***, no wonder all he could amount to is being a delivery driver.

I'm sure it's just that the driver in my area is a *** / terrible at his job, but FEDEX needs to take action here. A google search turned up thousands of similar complaints. I have a hard time believing that all of these complaints are lies, and I know for sure that I was home when the driver hung the tag on my door - he could probably see me through the window while he was walking by in his ninja outfit. ***.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Silver Spring, Maryland, United States #1267738

It sounds like it's a pretty common occurrence. We've had several packages carried by FedEx that were either left in our driveway or they make the minimal effort of delivery (by their own service representative's comment, all they have to do is show up and leave a door tag to constitute attempted delivery - a knock or attempt to let you know they're here is discretionary).

We left a big sign on yellow legal pad paper on our front door on the day we were expecting oue most recent delivery reading "Dear fedex driver, we're all home.

Please ring the doorbell to your right upon arrival. Thank you!"

They showed up, left a door tag on the note and left.

Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States #1184766

I hear it's not uncommon if they have a lot of deliveries and especially if they are running late to just slap the doortag on and bolt. They're required to make an attempt, but the GPS on them only knows if they made it to the address or not, and then they sit there for a bit so it doesn't show they just drove past.

Much quicker if behind to do that then to wait 30 seconds to a minute to someone to get to the door, open it, sign, and then potentially try small talk before the driver can get going again.


I used to work for fedex and I gotta admit that it's the worst company to work for. Believe it or not, but every driver knocks on the door, especially if it's a signature required package. Home delivery and Fedex ground drivers are paid per stop and per package, so if they don't deliver a package, they are not getting paid for it.

Oak Forest, Illinois, United States #925143

Yes. This seems to be standard practice for FedEx.

My belief is that they fraudulently log delivery attempts and after an alleged 3 attempts, they will not make a 4th attempt unless the shipper pays for a re-shipment authorization.

It is a way they can make shippers pay twice for the same package. BTW, that 4th attempt is usually to a FedEx store somewhere and not your home, which is another upside for is logistically easier to deliver to their satellite stores.

to Madmonkey Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States #1184765

When I called due to this happening to me I was told "Well you can set up a time tomorrow for the delivery, but that costs five dollars..." And I got nothing when I complained it should have just been delivered today as I was home all day.

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