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FedEx "SmartPost" ... ironically named.

We placed an order with a favorite online retailer on 9 December, and the order was promptly filled and turned over to FedEx for delivery. Seemed like fifteen days between then and Christmas Eve seemed like more than enough time to deliver a package the mere 150 miles between Columbia, MD, and our home in Richmond, VA, just down I-95.

Once in FedEx's possession, our package was mysteriously sent to Orlando, FL, 900 miles south. It took almost eight days to get there, and then, enigmatically, it sat in Orlando for another two days.

From there, it was ultimately sent back northward to Charlotte, NC, and then onward, not to anywhere even near Richmond, but to Martinsburg, WV.

Thirteen days and 1800 miles later, it has almost made a complete circle; an hour or two of a drive to the east, and it will be back in Baltimore.

Two-thirds of the Christmas presents for our families are in this package.

We are EXTREMELY upset and disappointed. Nobody wants to remember a specific Christmas as the year that they didn't bring any gifts.

I have spoken to eight or nine FedEx customer service representatives over the past four days, demanding a) an explanation for the insane route assigned to our package, b) an attempt to redirect the package in some hope that it might arrive before Christmas, or, failing that, c) financial compensation for the postal fees that we will incur shipping the gifts after Christmas. So far, nobody has been able to satisfy any of those demands.

Each rep had a different story, explanation or excuse. I don't know if they were spouting wishful thinking, making it all up as they went along, or were outright lying just to get me off the phone. Two hung up on me. Four tried to blame the USPS for the delay. All blamed the busy Christmas season, as if this was the first Christmas that FedEx has been in business.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Being lied to, Delivery pratices, Lack of resolution.

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Yikes! I have to say, as someone who doesn't take seriously much of the complaints they read here, your complaint is legit!

What a rotten experience. I hope you get your gifts, albeit it belated.

It sucks, I feel ya, just try and enjoy Christmas despite the stress of dealing with all of this. Best wishes.

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