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Fedex has failed badly in customer service as well on delivery. I have sent a package to my sister in Argentina not knowing Argentinean regulations for certain goods.

I needed a broker representing me at customs and my sister needed an importing license (a very expensive license) to receive my package. Anybody with common sense would think that these regulations are for importing companies that will commercialize the goods once they are into Argentina, and not for private/personal use shipments, but commercial and private/personal shipments are treated as commercial shipments in Argentina. So if I send a Christmas present to my family (a watch, a sweater, shoes, etc) my family would have to spend a lot of money to get a importing license to receive my present, and I have to pay a broker to get it through Argentinean costumes (***, right?). I found all about it when my package didn’t have clearance in costumes Argentina.

When I complained to fedex , that was the moment when I received all this information, I said that I should have been warned at least to research Argentinean regulation before shipping, and Cust. Serv. on the phone agreed with me, but yet they had the nerve to tell me I had to pay get it back. I sent a letter to the headquarters in Memphis and they response was that it was my fault that this happened.

The letter I received from Barbara Halliburton, or something like that, read that the shipper is responsible for knowing international shipments regulations. Like I said, who would think that I and my sister would need all this *** requirements for a private shipment?. What I said in my letter was that the fedex employee should have, at least, warn me to research before shipping to Argentina, after all they are the shipping company, and they know how the dealings are with any country out there.

A minimum warning would have been good customer service. I will never use fedex again

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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