I was to get a FedEx express envelope delivered between 10AM-3PM on 01-12-10. An important point was that my wife and I were home all day!

When the envelope did not arrive I called FedEx at 6PM. I was told that delivery had been attempted at 12 noon, but that nobody was home.

I live in an apartment building and there was no note left on my door or at the security desk.

Because the envelope was very, very important to us, I drove to the FedEx holding center and picked up the envelope at 7:30PM. I am pissed!

FedEx TRK#: 7211-6435-1880

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I have decided NEVER to use FEDEX anymore. Bad service, late deliveries up to 4 days late for express delivery. Imagine how pissed I am.


I am sorry, you guys in the *** or something. Pay more attention next time.

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