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Update by user Feb 13, 2021

after appealing fedEx's first decision, fedEx still will not take responsibility for the package that never came to my house. so i submitted a second claim.

after about a week or so fedEx sent me the same b.s letter claiming they did an investigation (which is some more fake b.s) and they respectfully decline my claim & hope they could serve me agin in the future (?) (the same ol unfunny joke agin).. since then i have reordered the same seat coverers from the same company and i asked them not to use fedEX .. i got my package in 3 or 4 days with no problem (thanks ups) here's a question for fedEx why would i order the same item from the same company agin...

if i got the first one. i guess they didn't notice that in their b.s extensive & thorough investigation .from this point on anything i buy that has to be shipped i will request the seller not to ship fedEx ,if they can't do that then i'll buy from someone else.

Original review posted by user Jan 13, 2021

fedEx did not deliver my package to my address.. i was home on quarantine from my job.

12/11/2020 -12/28/2020 fedEx claim they delivered my package 12/24/2020 @ 11:33 am and i signed for itWtf. i was home. hoping my package would come. it was the day before christmas and it was a christmas gift .so after a couple of days i noticed my oredr was marked delivered on e-bay.(ok)..

maybe im naive but i thought they may have dropped it off at my post office and my mail carrier would bring it (NOPE) after a few more day i contacted the sender and e-bay. they said the package was shipped &;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; delivered & nothing else they could do. so i contact fedEx & filed a claim.. after a few days of investigating (yeah right) fedEx determined that i had the package and i signed for it (what a unfunny joke and i am pissed)..

what i think happened fedEx left my package at the house next to me that's being renovated and different contractors are in & out of there and sombody took my package... in fact a fedEx driver called my cell phone 01/03/2021 & asked me to retrieve another package that had been left at that same house. but fedEx won't take responsibility for there screw up.

so now i'm out of 70.50 and i didn't get my package eather.. but i guess that's Shrughow it go when you are a small fish in a big pond so i'll take the ( L) and hope i don't have to deal with them again to sum it up fed-ex the delivery service that don't deliver (only B.S) it's hard to prove that you didn't get somthing that you didn't get

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Ground Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $71.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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