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Hello I am writing to file a complaint against your FedExr Priority Worldwide service personnel. I had sent two packages from Halifax (Canada) to my mother on Nov 19 2016.

I delivered the packages to a local Canada post office on Nov 19 2016, and was provided with the following tracking numbers: Package #1 (Tracking number: 305260942701) Package #2 (CC222287725CA) My mother informed me that she got a phone call from a FedEx office somewhere in Gurgaon/Delhi, and the person on the phone asked my mom to send them an electronic copy of her Aadhar ID card and a letter of authorization in which she stated that she was, indeed, the recipient named in the package. The agent told my mom to send these documents as an email response to an email that they sent to her account. To date, no email has been sent to my mom’s email account. Regardless, my mom sent the required documentation to a FedEx email address (

She has since then, not heard back from the FedEx people. In one of their earlier phone calls, they told her that they had opened the packages even though the contents of the packages was mentioned explicitly on the documents/address slips that are pasted on the outer side of the package. I could still excuse the opening of the packages if they had then gone on to deliver them to my mom’s place in Haldwani (Uttrakhand). My mom does not have a staff to run errands for her and has injured her knee which is partly why I had used your Priority Worldwide service to ship her some homeopathic/ayurvedic/herbal medicines.

But clearly, I should not have placed my trust or my money on your company. I cannot tell you how infuriating and stressful it is for me to keep hearing from my mom about how she either gets no response from your company (when she calls them at the number she was given in an earlier phone message), or she is subjected to rude phone calls from your agents who refuse to believe her when she tells them that she has indeed submitted all the required documentation from her end. Can you now blame me for being so distraught and flabbergasted at the level of corruption at your end? I mean it is pretty clear and believable to me that your agents are in no mood to ship my mom’s package to her and are likely looking to unlawfully take over the contents of that package for themselves.

I used to scoff at such stories of the blatant corruption within private courier companies in India but with this one experience, I can really believe that. I would really appreciate your help in the matter. I can be reached at

My mom can be reached at Thanks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Priority Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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