Every Wednesday I get a fresh perishable fruit / produce box . I have had this shipment undeliverable before , arrive to a wrong address and different city , but this time experienced the worst and they are straight out lying !

I usually get the package by 1:00pm when it wasnt there , I noticed the status was changed from Wednesday delivery to now Thursday though it was in the delivery hub at 5:00am and perishable. So then at 4:00 I get an update that they attempted my delivery at 3:54pm and no one was available or there wasnt a secure spot . They fed ex never has a problem leaving inside or next to my porch door , but this time not deliverable when I was strictly home . Heres the kicker , how did the delivery day change at 1:00pm , when they supposedly didnt attempt till 3:55pm?

, because they lied. This is a fraudulent lie and companies need to be aware of this , especially when a customer is paying for service of marked perishable item . So customer service made every excuse as usual , but said it will be delivered tomorrow (Thursday ). I wont be home tomorrow during the day so how are they going to leave it in the same spot its always delivered at when now its supposedly not secure?

. Ive had it , especially when clearly lied to and I am voicing this issue wherever I can , even corporate especially with my screenshots of the event to show the lie .

User's recommendation: Screenshot delivery actions and monitor .

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

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