Santa Claus, Indiana

we are waiting on a package because we are to sign for it. My wife stays home this afternoon waiting for this package instead of running aarons.

she sees the fed-ex truck go past our house 2 different times, they did not stop. We call @ 7:42 pm ask about delivery. They say they made an attempt @ 7:36 pm no one home. BS!!

We have had this same issue with Fedex before. We have never had an issue with UPS.

I guess we will wast another afternoon waiting on this package tommorow. I guess what really *** me off is all they can say is sorry for the inconvienence.

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Thur march 18 was when I was supposed 2 get my package. It is Tue march 23 n still no package.

I called they couldn't say anything except "well let's hope u get it 2day" all I could do is say let's n hang up. If I have 2 go pick it up its gona be ugly.


I live in an apartment complex and twice Fed Ex came after the leasing office closed which was after 5:00 PM. The driver could not get inside and he would not call my apartment for me to buss him in or for me to come down to the lobby.

He would write into the computer "customer not available or business closed". Today, which was the third Fed Ex attempt, we sat in the lobby at 4:45 P.M., facing different angles, I was facing the outside door and my Mom was facing down the driveway. Fortunately at 7:49 P.M, my Mom saw the Fed Ex truck stop in the driveway. He didn't park in front of the door so I could not see him.

My Mom alerted me and I ran to the truck. He was on a cell phone.

He claimed he was trying to call my house phone, which I would not had answer because I was sitting in the lobby. I got my packages but I SWEAR, I will never use FED EX nor will I ever buy from another company that uses Fed Ex, EVER!!!


I made a purchase of merchandise on the 2/2010 which was supposed to be delivered on 2/27/10. I was informed on 2/28/10 that the package was not delivered even though I had been at home all day long, because the "Customer was not at home or the business was closed".

I was told that the package would be delivered on 3/2/10, as you can tell from this posting, that did not happen either. On 3/2/10 I recieved a voicemail stating that there was some confusion as to wether or not the package would be picked up or delivered. Why would you pay any *** money, so that you could pick up your package from them over 20 miles away from where you live??? And you guessed it, the only excuse that they could give me was that they were sorry for the mistake and that it would be door dropped on 3/3/10.

I have a few choice words for fedex, but I am going to be the bigger person and not post them here. F>>> Fedex!!!!!!

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