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They drop your package at the door and most of they time they don't even bother to ring the bell.. and if they do ring it they drop your package and run for the truck.

Some of the things we order can't be just left on the porch. Even though we live in a pretty safe area... they need to go back to the way they used to do. We now try to make sure someone will be home now...

when we have something that's going to be delivered by them.

Having to stay on a schedule is one thing but come on.... is having to deal with more and more pissed off customers worth it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Stratford, Connecticut, United States #1299427

Anonymous, it is an *** like yourself that condones poor shipping practices. It is a common courtesy- upon delivering a package- to ring the doorbell to indicate the package's arrival.

Not a HUGE inconvenience, unless the shipping company realizes they either poorly handled the package/ damaged it, or the company has ZERO ethical backbone. I choose both. FEDEX has repeatedly destroyed packages [many well packed] over my years being subjected to their ***-poor service. One package even arrived with tire tracks going over the middle of the box.

The 'assessor' looked it over, and refused a damage claim, citing poor packing.

You tell me what packing job can withstand getting run over by a vehicle? Worst company in the United States.


They left my package at the wrong house and I have a big 5 for my apartment right by my door.I was lucky they brought it to me.

I am to get another package Mon or tues .Hope they get that one right


Supposing they ring the bell and you're not home. Duh.

If you don't want the package to be left on your doorstep without you knowing it, then pay the premium for a signature.

In which case if no signature can be obtained, then your package will go back on the FedEx truck, which 1) defeats the purpose of paying for overnight shipping; and 2) totally screws you if the package was perishable. Cause your $60 Blue Apron box will be worthless after spending the night in an unrefrigerated vehicle.


Actually FedEx gives it's shippers the option of deliveries requiring a indirect, direct, or adult signature for an additional cost. If FedEx did things your way and had to make sure there was always somebody home, it would take them longer to stay on schedule. Then people like you would complain that it is taking too long to receive your package.

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