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Absolutely UNACCEPTABLE incident with FedEx. My boyfriend sold a $200 item on eBay, guy (with good reviews) bought the item, two days later eBay and Paypal say it's safe to ship the item.

So he ships the item with FedEx, because he had a bad experience with the USPS for a different eBay item. Usually we don't expect much from FedEx, but what happened was a f**king nightmare. A couple days after my boyfriend shipped the package, he got an email from Paypal saying that the payment didn't go through because the guy didn't have sufficient funds in his bank account. Boyfriend emails the guy, saying that he's going to cancel the shipment unless he pays up.

After three separate attempts to contact him, my boyfriend decides to cancel the shipment. He looks on FedEx's website, it says he has to make an account to cancel shipment. So he does that. When he goes to cancel the shipment, turns out you have to have the online account before you ship the item in order to cancel it online.

So he calls customer "service". He speaks to a rep. who says they just put in the cancellation and that it has to process and that once it reaches a certain location, they'll ship it back to him (for a price, obviously). So he's thinking everything's going to work out.

Nope. He looks at the tracking map only to find out that they're STILL shipping the package to the (what we can now determine as fraudulent) recipient. Boyfriend calls AGAIN, speaks to another rep. and they tell him, yes the cancellation has been processed, but it has to reach it's final location before being sent back, but that he would put in another cancellation order to make sure it was sent back, and that was all.

Few days later, what do you know the package has arrived at it's final location, AND THE PACKAGE WAS ALREADY PICKED UP. Naturally, my boyfriend calls customer "service" and demands to know why his package was picked up when he had put through not one, but TWO cancellation orders. The rep. he spoke with literally told him that he was supposed to call the FedEx store and tell them to hold the package, and that there was nothing they could do to help him.

Not only was she very unhelpful, she was EXTREMELY RUDE and kept interrupting my boyfriend (who was calm and professional throughout this whole ordeal) and was talking to him like he was a f**king ***. She also said "well the packages are in big crates so it's hard to find them". Really? REALLY?!

What a ***. He hangs up in the middle of her regurgitating the same ***, and calls the FedEx where the item was shipped to and asked why, even though the item had been cancelled (twice), they let the guy pick up the package anyways. What the guy told us only added more fuel to my fire, turns out the guy put a request to have the package held for pickup!!!!! Customer "service" is lucky I wasn't the one talking to them because I would have torn them a new one.

So my boyfriend calls and repeats his story to a separate rep. who then transfers his call to a manager (progress, finally). By this time, he had been on the phone for an hour. Talked to manager, who actually apologized and said that it was FedEx's fault, told him that he could file a complaint claim with the sorting facility and that he could *possibly* get refunded (boyfriend still hasn't received payment for item).

Filed claim, got a letter (a week later) saying it wasn't FedEx's fault and that there was nothing they could do under article something section blahblahblah. Shocking.

I would like to know why, even though he spoke with multiple customer "service" reps, they neglected to tell him that he needed to call the final sorting facility. Isn't that kind of, I dunno, YOUR JOB???????????!

This whole nightmare was unacceptable and I encourage you to ship using some other company because FedEx has done nothing but prove it is unreliable and obviously doesn't give two flying f**ks about their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #780578

You know, its ok to make mistakes once in a while with the size of that company. but there 1400+ complaints here about CUSTOMER SERVICE. these people are lacking in that area with all the money they take from us, the S O B's need to at least be courteous and that tells you who runs FEDEX is just a bunch of truck drivers with all respect to truck drivers..they know how to drive trucks and they are paid for that but these guys are paid millions to drive a company that is making money anyway cause we all assume its the only American company or delivery company for international and domestic..when we start using DHL and other then they will start to hurt and pay attention to CUSTOMER SERVICE

Titusville, Florida, United States #780249

Having worked for a major retailer that ships thousands of packages a day, I can tell you it is very difficult to intercept a package and it is never guaranteed. I am not saying you are wrong, at all.

You did everything that you could and more than you should have had to do and FedEx did not. I'm merely saying if you hope things will be better with another delivery company the reality is probably not. USPS you can't even try to intercept the package, once it's shipped it shipped. No change of address no return to sender.

The only service that I've had good luck with in this regard is UPS, and even then out of dozens of requests a day I would make to change and address or turn a shipment around the success rate was 50/50. Sorry that FedEx couldn't help and left you with no recourse, just wanted to give food for thought for next time you want/need to ship anything.

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