A FedEx driver knocked part of our fence down early last week. The drivers supervisor called us about it soon after.

He told my husband that someone would be out to fix the fence Friday morning at 8 AM and someone had to be there to witness the repairs being made. Our first reaction was okay, mistakes/ accidents happen it was good of them to respond so quickly and it'll be okay until Friday. Friday morning came and went and no one ever came or called. Clarence claims to have called us but there was no miss call or voice mail.

This was frustrating because like must people we work on Friday at 8 AM. The weekend went by and still no work from anyone at FedEx. Then on Monday my husband called Clarence back only to find out that he needed to speak to Matt at the local office. He did so but Matt wasn't in and would call him back.

After several hours of no call My husband asked me to call because he wouldn't be by his phone. I call and Matt is there immediately...just hadn't thought to return the call yet. Matt then tells me he knows nothing about this but he has a reference number and a 1-800 number I can call. I asked why we hadn't known about this and he said he had no clue.

I call the number get a representative who says someone else is handling this and she'll call me back. When our representative calls I learn that a.) Clarence should NEVER have offered to make the repairs. b.) they have policies against telling customers this c.) he didn't file a claim immediately d.) Matt should have called as soon as the reference number was created (which should have been mid last week - before Friday even! e.) We'll have to get two different estimates on the repairs and that will not be compensated in advance and all of this will take time to process...

In short, FedEx has made us take time off work needlessly, damaged our property and been lying to us all along.

And what do we get to encourage us to continue using FedEx? NOTHING.

Maybe someone will get us a check at some point so we can fix the damage they caused... UPS you have a loyal customer!

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