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A FedEx driver knocked part of our fence down early last week. The drivers supervisor called us about it soon after.

He told my husband that someone would be out to fix the fence Friday morning at 8 AM and someone had to be there to witness the repairs being made. Our first reaction was okay, mistakes/ accidents happen it was good of them to respond so quickly and it'll be okay until Friday. Friday morning came and went and no one ever came or called. Clarence claims to have called us but there was no miss call or voice mail.

This was frustrating because like most people we work on Friday at 8 AM. The weekend went by and still no word from anyone at FedEx. Then on Monday my husband called Clarence back only to find out that he needed to speak to Matt at the local office. He did so but Matt wasn't in and would call him back.

After several hours of no call my husband asked me to call because he wouldn't be by his phone. I call and Matt is there immediately...just hadn't thought to return the call yet. Matt then tells me he knows nothing about this but he has a reference number and a 1-800 number I can call. I asked why we hadn't known about this and he said he had no clue.

I call the number get a representative who says someone else is handling this and she'll call me back. When our representative calls I learn that a.) Clarence should NEVER have offered to make the repairs. b.) they have policies against telling customers this and have no solution for the time off c.) he didn't file a claim immediately d.) Matt should have called as soon as the reference number was created (which should have been mid last week - before Friday!) e.) We'll have to get two different estimates on the repairs and that will not be compensated in advance (if at all) and all of this will take time to process...

In short, FedEx has made us take time off work needlessly, damaged our property and been lying to us all along. And what do we get to encourage us to continue using FedEx?


Maybe someone will get us a check at some point so we can fix the damage they caused... UPS you have a loyal customer!

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Sadly, FedEx is getting a reputation for well-below sub-par delivery service. By decades of my experience as an independent business man, they are some of the worst, if not the worst, delivery drivers in the industry......and the company they work for does not give one rodent's behind.


Who has a phone # to call and report damaged property


They are doing the same thing to me. A DRIVER BACKED INTO MY KENNEL AND DAMAGED THE POST.



On July 17,2020, FedEx driver damaged my fence and denied it! Will not accept any packages from FedEx at my home address anymore.

Asking that all packages not be delivered by FedEx also. Still fighting to get my fence repaired.


Update, If you have a claim, do not give up. FedEx has paid my claim!

I was able to contact a supervisor in the very beginning, I believe that made a huge difference. I was in contact with them constantly.

I feel they paid my claim just to get rid of me. I hope this helps.


Same thing is happening to me. Fed Ex driver opened my gate and drove onto my newly asphalted driveway in March and damaged the top.

Four months later ARC is still giving me the run around.

Very unprofessional and casts a bad light on Fed Ex. I will no longer use Fed Ex as well.


The only solution is to forbid them entering your property. UPS will not enter my 70-foot driveway; he says that is their policy.

Fedex needs to do the same. Current Fedex policy is the "corporate runaround" until you go away. Fedex driver destroyed one of two large bushes at the entrance of our driveway. How do you fix that?

Both bushes would have to be removed and new, small ones planted. What I should do is remove the bushes and build something solid. Then when they hit it, they'll at least damage their truck. Install a camera and take them to small claims court when something happens.

Filing costs about $100 in my county. But who has the time?


FEDEX is a joke. After what I went through I no longer will accept packages delivered to my property address. I suggest that other people do the same people or sue them in court pro se for property damage, otherwise they will continue to get away with this.


This just happened to me. I got hit by FedEx. Now dealing with their insurance.


who is their insurance company ? bret


FedEx uses ARC and is the worst to work with after damage to my driveway, constant run around and delay tactics. Always claiming they are trying to get in touch with someone and then never hear back from them. I submitted all the pics of damage, truck in my driveway and estimate then they basically tell me the driver denies doing the damage and will only pay me for 1/2 the cost of the repair.


How does Arc stay in business. I am going thru the same thing.

They hit my garage and even damaged the foundation. This was back in April and still no check.

I haven’t been able to use my garage. I’m ready to turn into my insurance co.


Driver just delivered a package. The address on it is not even close to mine; only the town is correct.

The package I was expecting today is nowhere to be found but shows "Delivered" on the website. In addition, the driver tore up one of the two large bushes on either side of the driveway. Didn't bother to stop although driver had to know, looking at the damage done.

We'll see how this goes. I'm familiar with small claims court and I'm retired so there's that, if necessary.


"Me Too". I have the whole thing on video, and they deny-deny-deny. Sad that companies continue to get away with this.


A fed ex delivery truck parked in my driveway while making a delivery, was parked there for 5 minutes and left a set of nice fresh oil spots from his truck on my concrete driveway. Called Fed Ex immediately, have a photo of the truck in the driveway and the fresh oil spots.

When I spoke to the manager at the facility, DONALD BERWICK, I told him the driver should not have parked in my driveway. He said "they do it to save time". Ask anyone at UPS and that's not an acceptable practice for their drivers. I then asked BERWICK when someone would be out here to take care of the oil spots because the longer Fed Ex waits, the harder it will be to get the spots out once they set in.

I said "a guesstimate", he said "a week". I called him two days early and I get his voicemail. Texted and emailed with no response. Spoke to another manager at the facility and he said usually it takes months for something like this to resolved and paid out.

Berwick told me Fed Ex would have someone take care of it. The second manager that I spoke to said Fed Ex usually does not have anyone take care of it. Great, so now I'm just like everyone else on this thread getting the run around from Fed Ex. I will not order from any company that uses Fed Ex as it carrier.

I can't believe with all these complaints Fed Ex can get away with it. They'll never be in the number one spot UPS has claimed forever. I can only dream of the day that Amazon comes out with it's own courier service and puts Fed Ex out of business. They don't care if I take them to small claims court and they have to hire an attorney because they still make out because of all the people that do not pursue and file a legal claim in Court against Fed Ex.

You don't need an attorney, you can file pro se. See who's going to win in Court Fed Ex when people have video and photos as evidence against you.


I to had issues with a FedEx driver. They drove around another vehicle came on to my property and dug rutts.

Sad thing is they werent even delivering to me they were delIvering to the neighbors. I saw this happen with my own eyes. I have a claim with Arc Claim and they are the worse. They asked me if I got the truck number and the tracking from my neighbor.

Also No communication from the adjuster.

They make it seem like its my fault their driver drove into the yard. This is awful customer service on both Arc Claims and FedEx!


@FedEx My car was hit by a FedEx truck. I filed a police report, gotten some estimates, a witness and everything.

Lynne Corriveau from ARC claims has not yet responded my calls.

This is literally the worst EXPERIENCE i've had in awhile. To this date I am waiting for a resolution.


I have been talking to the same person for a year and they are still giving me the run around.


Last September a driver hit the overhang on my business and damaged the roof and my Led neon lights. I had to call 5 different people.

They told me no drivers in that area reported an accident. I sent them my surveillance video. Then wow come Monday yes the driver came and told us that day. Now 6 months later.

ARC. after I started cc the Head claims people with Fedex Tried to send me a check for half of what the estimates are. NOw Today They are sending their own adjuster to quote the job. If he quotes it then he fixes it.

THe repair isn t what you calculate the price to be. It is how much a contractor will do it for. Right now they all are overworked due to no skilled workers.

They are picking and choosing the jobs. repost if you get anywhere.


So has anyone had any resolution yet from any of these claims? I am dealing with the same thing...

fedex truck hit my house! I wish it was a mailbox!

Anyways 11 weeks since they hit my house and 5 weeks since we settled. Looking for some hope.