Ordered a new SIM card from the company I use, even paid for it to be over-night shipped to me. Granted, this was on a Thursday evening so I knew Monday would be the earliest I would be able to get the package - and I was right, that was the estimated delivery date.

Cool, right according to schedule!

So I plan my day around that, make sure I'm home (because FedEx has always been trouble the 13 years I've lived here) and that no business issues would come up. Wake up and check the package - everything looks good, until around 3PM when suddenly they had an issue with my address. And the best part? According to the site, that was around 1PM that evening! Great way of updating it 2 hours later.

After I call, they reassure me that the issue was already fixed, and that I would be getting my package by 4:30PM Monday and there would be no further issues...

So I sit in the living area, watch the open door and surf around on the laptop, waiting to see just how reliable FedEx is. Sure enough, 5:30PM rolls around and I check the site - the package is back at the FedEx office a few hours drive away! Say what?

Call them up, and it became 'too late' for them to deliver. So I was welcome to drive a few hours (in which time it would have closed) and picked it up, or simply wait for another delivery attempt the next day.

Great, two days of having to not work to try and get an item I need FOR my job. I really wish that companies were forced to let you decide by what method and company they ship your products. I'd never use FedEx again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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