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On Monday, 23 December my lawyer overnighted a time sensitive document to me from Orlando, Florida to Palm Bay, Florida. This is less than 60 miles.

The letter was picked up on Monday afternoon and delivered to Melbourne, Florida Monday night. The Document then left the FedEX depot at around 9:20 AM on Tuesday December 24th to be delivered to my residence. I stayed home all day waiting for this package because it has to be signed for. This was CHRISTMAS EVE and I had to spend the entire day waiting for your truck!

At 9:50 PM your truck returned to the depot without ever attempting to deliver my document. I was not even given the courtesy of a phone call. Now to document will not possibly be her before the 26th (2 days late) but I am sure you will expect me to waste a extra day waiting for you to not show up again! Thanks for really screwing up Christmas Eve.

I figure you owe me a days wages for wasting my time, but I'm sure I'll never see that. Basically FedEX,


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Butler, Pennsylvania, United States #766151

Typical Fedex ***. Can't even deliver 60 miles. Retards.


Somebody call this guy a waaambulance.

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