New River, Arizona
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I am leaving on a trip to Europe and was being FedEx'd travel documents by overnight express. I live in Arizona and these were"overnight expressed" from northern California, not a great distance.

They were FedEx'd July 31. It is now August 4 and NO documents. I did receive an automated call yesterday saying my overnight express would arrive sometime before 8PM on August 4. Have our nights grown longer--are they now four days long?

USPS would be faster.

A few weeks ago I received other travel documents from FedEx. They too were overnight expressed and took several days. The cardboard envelope had been run over somewhere before it got to my house as it had actual tire tracks on the envelope and it was open on one side.

I found it under my door mat.

Cone on Fed Ex--two experiences with you and both bad. You used to be a leader.

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