Why is it that they even offer overnight shipping? I have never ever ordered anything overnight with fedex when it actually came overnight?

I spend the day after I order it usually looking at the tracking information which always on the first day says initiated...only on the second day does activity start...this is a ripoff..If I pay for overnight I want it within 24hrs of when I bought it...thats what overnight night means. You should A. either change your overnight option to 2day delivery or B.

take the option off altogether, since it NEVER works. If I were a business I would have a separate courier service for overnight stuff.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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It's overnight from the day the company you ordered it from ships it LOL.

You are a fcking retard.


Overnight shipping depends on what time you order. If you ordered online after 5 pm chances are your package is not going to be at your house the next day due to the fact that shipping companies pick up items @ 5 pm.

This is why your package was not showing activity till today because it probabaly got picked up in the morning. Your package should be at your house today July 21.

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