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Good evening everybody,

This is a brief review on the fedex corporation. They are a bunch of wanders, pure and simple. I ordered an item from virginia to be shipped to New Jersey, a 6-7 hour ride by car. It was shipped out on thursday evening from virginia, and sat in over the weekend. Ok its 4th of july, understandable enough. I check the tracking on tuesday evening around 3:30. My package is at the lakewood New Jersey hub about 3 miles or so away in the town next door. I see in the tracking it says not out for delivery, not due for delivery! The estimated delivery date by ebay was monday, Fedex says thursday at 7-8 pm. I called up customer service and asked if I could pick up my package. She called the hub and asked, her response to me was that the container containing my package is sealed and will not be unloaded until its deliver by date which is thursday. I prompty told her "am I to understand that instead of unloading a trailer you will park it in the yard until the last minute?" "I will from now on request UPS from a shipper or not buy from them. I have ordered from Fedex about 5 times, every time something is stolen, broken or part of both!" I have shipped via UPS hundreds of times and I had one issue and they sent the driver back out and I had a phone call from a hub manager within the hour on my cell phone telling me what they were doing to resolve this! Go UPS service! So now I wait for my package sitting around for 2 days hoping the content does not get stolen as it is a pricy item. So please fed ex realize this you bloody suck a donkey's left t*t.


A customer whom you have pissed on to many times.

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Not going to get your *** when there isn't anyone there to unload it ***.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #839560

you are full of ***.. stolen, broken 5 out of 5 times...

I ship about 100 packages a day (small furniture) and I only get 3-5 returns back a week some of these are due to my customers not wanting my product...if you ask me 5 packages out of500 - 600 is pretty good. I dont guarantee either when my customers will receive their packages I can't control when it will get there

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