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Received package crushed. I think the workers have no oversight or training or maybe just don't care.

Looks as though it was thrown around all week that it was in transit and yes it was late getting to my address.It went back to same Ohio location twice and spent two more days in frankfort,ky before it was delivered.

These were decorative pieces i ordered so i could not use them they were bent and scratched up so bad you would've thought i got them at junk yard or garbage land fill. I will never ever use fed ex again

Monetary Loss: $58.

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The same happened to my package. I have not received it yet, so I'm hoping I will get my items in good condition...that is if I'll ever get it!

If you called their agent you would probably be told that they know it won't make sense to you but that is how the packages are routed. Ain't that funny?!

It's like their talking to someone really dumb and expecting them to just take their word for it. Way to go fedex!

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