Status Delivered front-door. When I called they told me driver left it to neighbor.

When I asked my neighbor that Driver left it in their house they deny it. This is a bad practice and should be corrected. First of all, I don't know my neighbor and what if my neighbor is your number one enemy, do you think I will go there to pickup my package. I never instructed fedex an alternative address.

Driver should just left it to my garage door because it is 80 lbs and no will get it and beside my wife is in the house why he did not knock or door bell. I think driver hesitant to deliver it in my door because i have stairs so when he saw probably neighbor doesn't have he asked for favor.

He deals with the wrong people. Fedex did nothing just listen to your complain and ask seller instead...my goodness I have made it one-day shipping because i need to assemble it immediately now my sched has to be moved.

Monetary Loss: $253.

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