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I bought two products from Sharper Image online on Wednesday May 6, 2015. I was offered a 2 day delivery by the company which I opted for in order to receive it before Sunday which is Mother's Day.

I was assured that FedEx would have it to me by the end if the day, Friday May 8, 2015. I stayed home until 4:00pm and then I had to go out to a meeting. No package was delivered so I decided to leave a sign on the apartment building front door to leave the package with my neighbor on the first floor in 1E. I do not have a doorman building and I live in New York City.

I came home late that night and no package nor door tag notice on the front door. I checked with my neighbor and she did not get my package. I decided to track it the next day and found online that the package was back in the Bronx at a FedEx Hub and that an attempt to deliver it was done at 11:00 am Friday morning so my note was for naught since the driver had passed by earlier in the day. I was in my apartment and do not understand why I was not buzzed.

I decided to call FedEx and the young lady was very curt on the phone only telling me an attempt was made and that the driver did not have instructions to hit any buzzer. I asked if my complete address on the order? She repeated it along with my apt. number 4W and said yes.

I asked why was 4W not rung then? She said that there was no instruction to do so! Duh???...Is it not logical to ring the apt. number on the buzzer outside.

She said no...Not if instructions to do so were not given...I then asked to speak to a supervisor...He then repeated the same rhetoric as the first FedEx employee...I was dumbfounded...I asked them to leave the package at their nearest center to me as I believe that their company is just incapable of delivering a package properly because the same thing happened to me this past Xmas 2014...Several ill attempts at delivery even leaving door tags at the building next door with the wrong address I discovered later...The supervisor, who had verified my name, address and zip code then proceeded to give me an address 14 blocks away where my package will be left for pick up...I then told him I believe there is one only 4 blocks from by apartment in my zip code no?

He looked again and confirmed...I will now have to go there on Mon. The day after Mother's Day to get my package that I paid extra for priority shipping...I will now make it a PRIORITY that whatever company I buy anything from not use FedEx as their delivery company...I gave them more than 1 chance at this...Also I believe they are severely lacking in customer service skills...No wonder they are losing so much business!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

I didn't like: Customer service on the phone.

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my package was delivered to a house no one lived in. the grass was 12" high!!

don't u think the driver should of known no one lived there? they don't care!!!!!

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