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3 Aug 2012, waiting patiently for two televisions to arrive. While waiting decided to called FedEx to ensure packages deliver time.

The representative assured me that the packages are on the truck and scheduled for delivery. Now, waiting and no package and I call again. This time the packages are not being delivered. The packages where on the wrong truck.

Really, now schedule delivery is Monday. Wow, Monday! I told the representative I needed the locate delivery company telephone number. I called the office, spoke with the manager (so call, lacking professional experience), and explain that is completely unacceptable and that a competent driver should check delivery schedule prior to departing.

I told the manager Monday is not good and he replied with Saturday and said that date is not good either. Now, check this out. He replied you said Saturday and replied you said Saturday. I need my packages tonight!

He said I will delivery and hung up the telephone! Around 9 p.m., he arrived and told me to sign the paperwork (NEVER SIGN THE PAPERWORK UNTIL YOU OPEN THE PACKAGE AND CHECK AGAIN NEVER!). I expected there to be damage…and I was proved right. A broken television and this is a fortune 500 company.

I called corporate and made a complaint and I am still waiting to receive the paperwork for filing claim. In the meantime, a rep from the Lane Ave (Jacksonville fl office) called.

This call was a complete waste of time. This office needs a visit from corporate!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $215.

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would you order a TV through a mass delivery service? Do you have any idea how many trucks, belts and hands that goes through before it gets to your front door?

If it was that important, you should have called and asked them to hold the package at a kinkos location and you could grab it on your own time. Really, if you are that desperate for it, go to best buy....

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