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our pkg was put on the delivery truck saturday for delivery today-monday.

haven't heard the excuse for non delivery yet. it is either: 1) the pkg was damaged and it had to go back to the depot (pkgs seem to make, finally, without any damage or repair to the pkg); 2) the roads were to bad to travel (can't use this excuse this time the weather has been ok); 3) "oops, we delivered to the wrong address;" 4) they couldn't find the address, or 5) the pkg "was delivered" and we couldn't find it anyplace.

if the weather was bad we remind them just to follow the ups truck. ups seems to find us just fine.

we have had the same problems and the same excuses both here in joshua tree, california and at the house in cedar city, utah.

fedex's ground service is horrible. maybe in the city everyone is happy. well, except for the pkg that was "delivered to the front door" in henderson, nevada and was never found.

i don't know if the ground people can't pay enough to keep drivers. it seems like every driver is different. and they can't find us.

has fedex ground ever heard of gps units for their trucks?

this time there is no economic loss, it was just frustration. i am frustrated because I didn't find out how the power supply was going to be shipped. so i didn't try and talk the shipper into using ups.

the fedex ground depot in palm springs only calls if we really push the 800-go fedex rep to get after them. the drivers don't call when we ask that our phone number is relayed in case they can't find us or need directions or maybe we can meet them.

normal fedex (the overnight people) always seem to be able to get the documents or pkg here ok.

what is up with the fedex ground contractors?

is this what fedex gets for low bids?

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Bay City, Texas, United States #1148346

FedEx has continually delivered my packages late! FedEx ground, OR NOT.

Their driver in my area kept delivering my packages to the same house, in the next block!. seems two numbers in our addresses are backwards, and this same driver kept giving me this other persons meds, and giving this other person my packages! and all this LATE AS WELL!

when I get my tracking numbers, and see carrier is FedEx, I get disgusted and know I'm going to receive package late, AGAIN! and when I can avoid using FedEx, I do!

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