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I shipped two packages. One 13 lbs and one 61 lbs. The 13 lb. package

was left at the apartment door. The large package was not at the door

when the consumer opened the door soon after delivery. It seems hard

to think that someone would steal a 61 lb package and leave the small

one. The apartment was an upstairs apartment. The package was addressed

to a military person. This package was full of military issued

clothing. The customer service was contacted and did not call. We

had to call them to find out anything. They said the driver had

48 hours to contact them. In this day of cell phones, etc. I don't

understand this. The tracing department said their computer said

the packages were delivered and they had done their job. We mentioned

the insurance claim and they said we could file it, but they had done

their job. I will never use Fed X again. It seems the security for

the packages is not there. They should have left a note on the door

and not left the packages at an apartment hallway.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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I've had the same problem multiple times with FedEx leaving packages at my door because I live in an apartment complex too. I ordered something at the beginning of February and whenever I would leave for the day I would leave a note on the oor saying "LEAVE ANY PACKAGES IN THE LEASING OFFICE, NOT AT THE DOOR" and apparently, it was left at my door anyway on the same day 2 others were taken to the leasin office.

This package is gone now, and I'm extremely upset. All FedEx can tell me is they have to do an "investigation" but who cares...

it's something I won on eBay anyway so even if they refund the money who knows how much I'll pay for the same thing next time and the amount of time it will take to get here. Maybe next time I'll have to literally sit outside and wait for the truck since the delivery drivers can't seem to read and others have filed complaints about them lying about delivery attemps.

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