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I purchased an item to be delivered to a business address (UPS STORE) I received a tracking alert that my package would be delivered on 10/8/21. I checked my UPS notifications and was informed that the package had not been delivered.

I used Fedex tracking again and was informed that the driver attempted delivery but location was closed at 9:55 am.

This location opens at 10:00 am. Another attempt will be made on 10/9/21. I received another notice after calling Fedex Customer Service and was informed that a message to driver would be sent to redeliver the package. Package never arrived.

Received tracking notice that an attempt was made but package could not be delivered Location Closed.

I have contacted Fedex CS after each setback but was only informed that the would try to assist.

I was told that the delivery would be made on 10/10/21 that never happened Driver said location was closed at 1:34 pm. the UPS Store does not close until 3:00 pm on the weekends. So far I only received "LIES" no package.

I did not choose this carrier for delivery, the Item shipper did.

Also I was told that the item would be delivered on 10/12/21, and if not I could pick it up myself. Informed Fedex CS that would not be picking the package up myself and that they deliver it as contracted to.

User's recommendation: DO NOT USE FEDEX AS A SHIPPER.

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