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I ordered a package for Easter that was supposed to be delivered early in the week of April 14th. It never showed up.

I got one door tag on the front door to my condo unit (my individual unit, that is, NOT the main door to the building) showing that one attempt had been made. I never received the package nor did I get any other door tag indicating that the delivery person had missed me. The online tracking service showed that the package was delivered on April 15th -- a day that I happened to be home from work, so there would have been no excuse not to deliver it to me if the driver had indeed made any attempt. I called the Customer Service phone number to register the fact I didn't get my package.

The first agent I spoke with told me that the computer showed both that my package was both being held AND that it had been delivered. The confused agent put me on hold for 10 minutes while she got a supervisor. The supervisor eventually opened a case ticket to locate the package. I got a call back later in the evening in which the agent cheerfully told me that my package was being held at the FedEx Kinkos in my town.

She was shocked and literally speechless when I told her that this was unacceptable. The package in question is quite heavy and I had paid a good amount of money for it to be delivered to my door. Not only was it late, meaning that I wouldn't get it for Easter as intended, but I was the one who had to initiate the tracking of it! I was again put on hold for 15 minutes while another supervisor was called.

This supervisor first told me that I should be glad that someone from FedEx was kind enough to call me to tell me where the package was!! Hello?? What???!!! I was the one who had to call FedEx to report that my package wasn't delivered!!

If I hadn't called, I seriously doubt that I would have heard anything from FedEx! This supervisor then guessed that maybe the delivery driver was "confused" about how to deliver the package or that he was confused about what condo unit number it should be delivered to. Not only did that argument not make any sense, but I pointed out that the sole door tag that indicated any delivery attempt was actually placed on the front door to my individual clearly the driver was not "confused" about where the delivery belonged. All of my points stumped the supervisor.

I was put on hold yet again for nearly 15 minutes. During this time, the supervisor said that he tried to call the FedEx location to see if the package was indeed there as the computer showed, as well as to see whether it could be delivered at last to me. He told me that my package was indeed at the FedEx Kinkos, but because of some mysterious "rules" it could not be delivered to me. I complained that the package is quite heavy and the whole point of DELIVERY-- which FedEx claims to do!

-- is to spare me the problem of going through the logistics of having to pick it up. The end result is that I have to go and deliver my own package to myself and I will NEVER use FedEx Kinkos again. I actually do a lot of online business, and I've had to use Kinkos for a number of work related projects. They have lost my business and that of my colleagues.

While this seems like a relatively minor problem, it is a big deal for me and one that FedEx has the power to fix easily. The fact that they will not do so, and that this has caused me such a headache, means that they have lost a customer.

And yes, I've shared this story with friends and family and colleagues. Bad work, FedEx.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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