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I ordered an item with an express delivery option paying an extra of $9.00. I wanted to have this package on 5/25/13 since you do not deliver on Sunday and Memorial day off. This was really URGENT.

Unfortunately when the package came I was not at home and so it was not delivered. I have no complaints till this point. Why I am really pissed off are because of the following reasons:-

1.) Why the package was not given to my community leasing office. I was expecting that it would be delivered there and I can take it from them anytime. I also advised the office about the same.

2.)Even if the package was not delivered to the community office, I expected it to be delivered to the nearest Fedex office from my apartment. The nearest office to my home is just about 2 miles and it remain open till 9 P.M. So, I thought I would go anytime on 5/25 and pick it up myself. But unfortunately, the package was sent to the Fedex office which is around 8 miles from my home. There are around 4-5 Fedex locations which are more nearer to my home. Then why it was sent to so far location from my home.

I am really astonished to find this. When I spoke to one of your Fedex person, I was not given any reply to my question. I paid extra bucks as this was really URGENT and I needed it on 5/25/13. Now, I will have to wait till 5/28 to get this delivery. Even if I want to pick it up myself, I have to drive 16 miles to pick up and come to home when I could have drove only 4 miles.

Why I am being harassed like this? I never expected this from such a big and respected brand called FEDEX. I am really astonished.

Please convince me of this situation. I really want this package latest by 5/27. Please deliver it if you can on 5/25 or get my package to the nearest Fedex location to my apartment so that I can myself pick it up. I do not want to drive 16 miles and collect this package. If none of this could be done then please refund my express delivery charge of $9.00 that I paid to get this urgently.

I am expecting a convincing reply and solution from your end.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $9.

  • 564425092309
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I feel this guy's pain. The nearest place to pick up a package from FedEx for me is a 40min drive (one way).

The nearest place to mail a package with FedEx is a 2 minute drive. If I miss a delivery, I do not want to drive over an hour round trip to pick it up.

UPS contracts with a nearby convenience store for signed package pick up. It's ridiculous that Fedex doesn't have an option for package pickup at local FedEx stores.


Your grammar and choice of fiction is terrible.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #656177
Let me get this straight. You had a package that you needed URGENTLY, but you were not home to receive it and didn't bother to make any arrangements for delivery, and now it's their fault?

There is absolutely NO reason why you deserve a refund for the shipping charge! They shipped it, FedEx attempted to deliver it, and YOU couldn't even at least leave a note instructing FedEx to leave it or deliver to the office.

Unbelievable entitlement. :roll :roll

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