Twice in as many weeks FedEx did not deliver on time. The first time delivery was to be held for pickup at their location; their own driver came too early to their own facility (!) so the delivery was to occur the next day.

When I complained, I was asked what I was doing so that I couldn't wait around for their normal delivery attempt as opposed to a hold for pickup! Next, paid over $100 for overnight and it is now one day late. Customer service gave me the runaround and kept asking what was in the package that I needed it so badly! I asked where they would deliver it a day later (Saturday) and was told this was not possible as my shipper had not paid for Saturday delivery.

I told them he didnt because it was supposed to be delivered on Friday! I was promised it would be held at a hub for pickup and only after the third call confirming they had to held it did I fix it myself electronically! FedEx attempts to make it your fault or act like it is unreasonable to hold it to its promises. Worse, there is no attention to making the mistake right or at least expediting a late delivery.

Every promise made by customer advocates has been botched, and I have had to hound them just to find out where the parcel is. We choose FedEx because of emergent need or impatience; FedEx should recognize this and really go the extra mile when inevitable mistakes do occur.

If I wanted this level of customer service, I'd use the USPS and save considerably. Another loyal FedEx customer lost to the ages.

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