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i paid $4ooo danish to send two box's from Denmark to Saskatoon, they stopped the shipment in Calgary Alberta and now want me to pay to get it to Saskatoon.we paid for it to get shipped to Saskatoon not Calgary! it's just used shoes and jackets, they want me to pay duty on used items and for the flight from Calgary to Saskatoon.

when we shipped all of our other stuff through the mail its all here no extra duty or charges, the same with priority there stuff came no extra expense no duty.

only fedex is holding my stuff hostage the mother ***, i plan on taking them to court.

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consumer too

It's not fedex that is holding your package it is US Customs. They inspect packages coming in and out of the US and decide if the duties and taxes are sufficient or not.

Fedex wants to get your packages delivered, they don't want to store them at thier facility. Thier service rep is only passing along to you what the Customs officials are requiring.

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