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I had reptiles being shipped overnight with fedex thinking they would be here OVERNIGHT. not the case.

its friday and fedex is saying they wont be here until monday. well with the weather they will be dead by monday. do they care? not at all.

will they put the package in a warm they cant do that either. Nothing but robots on the phone. And when you do get a real person they could care less. would they even put some effort into making their consumers happy?



They claim to be the best but I will never use them again.

FEDEX you suck. and you will be paying for my dead animals!

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #158224

why ship overnight on a friday without indicating saturday delivery? especially live animals?

delivery commitments are for next business day which would be monday.

this was done correctly and no rules were made up at all. do your homework when ordering something like that


@Cindy-The shipper places the signature required on the package, not FEDEX. They are obligated by contract to honor that requirement.

The driver can and will be fired if they ignore the signature requirement and get caught. Just an FYI, most drivers are not going to risk their job for that.

Pomfret, Maryland, United States #124723

Same thing. I had 1000 worms overnighted.

They want a signature.

Two others in my building went through this and the drama goes on all week. They require you to be present and no one else will do, etc, etc. My lizards are starving.

AT least I will run up a larger bill on their toll free number then they made with this fraud. It is fraud to take money for an overnight delivery and then make up rules as to why you can't deliver it.


I paid for overnight shipping on a wedding ring. I paid 40 bucks for this.

It was suppose to be here yesterday and it is still not here and it's almost 3pm. Sure glad it's not my wedding day!!

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