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I ordered paint twice from Walmart who ships packages via FedEx. I had to call FedEx twice after tracking my shipment on-line every day.

The customer service told me that I should call Walmart customer service and let them take care of it. I called Walmart and they informed me that they are having problems with the shipping carrier and thought it would be best to cancel the order. I am now going to go pick-up the paint myself at the store like she recommended me to do. I am very frustrated and not happy with FedEx for all the hassle they have caused me!

They destroyed the first shipment of paint for me plus the replacement paint causing me delay with my project and time with phone calls also.

I don't know what Walmart is going to do with all these problems caused by FedEx employees. I am better off picking up the products myself in the future!

User's recommendation: pick-up your on-line orders yourself.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

FedEx Pros: Times of delivery.

FedEx Cons: Package destruction.

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