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I for the life of me can't understand that I have a parcel sent from the USA.It was shipped the same day with tracking, it arrived in Melbourne last Wednesday but I will not receive it until this coming Thursday, that's if Australia post deliver it to me on that date, so it isn't even FedEx that is delivering it they are transferring it to aust post.

Why are they holding it then? I mean it's literally sitting there waiting for a specific time that it will be given to aust post.

I am definatly not happy about that, aust post have a habit of losing parcels if I wanted it sent via postal services I would have paid for it.I will not ever be using FedEx again absolutely no reason to hold parcels that is going to be delivered by aust post, I mean what is the point?

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It could be customs that's holding your package, not FedEx.

Alternatively, if you didn't order expedited shipping and you chose for it to be delivered by Thursday, they could just be holding your package at the station because it's not the right day for it to go out.

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