Do not use FedEx to ship items to Russia, I just sent a Large FedEx box for $228.00 and they just phoned and said “Russian” customs deny it and it will be returned. It was sent as a gift, ipad mini, backback, and 2 greeting cards, and ipad leather case, and 3 small plush toys for protection of the ipad. I read they are allowed up to 1000 Euro, the shipment value in Canada was only $518 and that is only around 325 Euro. 1/3 the regulated allowed amount. So then why FedEx is telling me returned because it is over 200 Euro!!!!!!!! Why they did not tell me this at the Airport FedEx Office, are there staff ***???? It is pathetic to say the least, you are powerless and now I wait for refund that they “claim” she put in for it. But I may get it or not???? WTF! Sure take my money, the box goes on a vacation traveling around the globe, when FedEx “knows” the rules and regulations and should have been responsible to inform the customer!!!! I even filled out electronic shipping and custom forms on “their” website which WARNED me I may need fill out some form, which is only required if you ship more then $2500!!!, and the amount of $518 they already knew, as it has been entered already. So they tell you what you do not need, but lack the ability and brains to inform the shipper of some mystery 200 EURO limit??? when Russian law says they can get up to 1000 EURO! What can you expect from a company that cannot even take the time to update there website, when I open the account, it says on the bottom of the webpage they will charge $10 to your credit card to verify it. On the phone with them they said no, that is wrong, its only $1, today the girl said it was $5, hahahaha PATHETIC service!! The employees and the web master do not even know what to tell the customers, how the *** the customer is to know the real truth on ANYTHING with respect to FedEx and its policies.

How can you even THINK about shipping anything if you have no clue it will get to the destination!! Naturally they blame Russian customs, but if there allowed 1000 EURO and my parcel is only 325ish, then FedEx broker needs to work with the Russian customs and ask why it is being denied. Saying its over 200 EURO is insane. That 200 Euro is for low rate shipments for documents, etc and you do NO require customs forms. Mine is medium over 200 EURO value but less then 1000, and requires customs forms with the Harmonization codes which they have, I took 2 hours to get them! So to deny the shipment based on it being over 200 EURO, is no VALID reason or excuse. *** right it’s over 200 EURO with a “declared” value of $518. The FedEx employee BLIND? I am the FIRST Canadian to send a shipment GREATER then 200 EURO, and they did not know? WASTE OF TIME dealing with idiots that know nothing. I even wanted to pay cash, and he said no no, it will be billed to your account. I said they told me I do not have 30 days, as its personal account. He kept argueing with me, then someone older came over and told him to scan the bar code and enter an “exception” and state it was paid via CASH, which is what they told me over the phone I could do, hence I went to the *** bank machine to get the cash. They sure need to get there *** together at FedEx, its one thing after the other, and my FIRST time sending a package, and probably the LAST! One women said the employee probably did not know all the cities in Russia or something like that, but I am smarter and said, I can accept that, but you use COMPUTERS and that information was entered into one, and it should KNOW to FLAG and warn the customer that there is a 200 EURO limit and why the *** are you trying to ship 325 EURO, it is that simple. It is NOT the customers job to run FedEx and for ME to know everything. I have a *** box to ship with a *** ipad mini, its not rocket science people at FedEx. or is it? All I need to do is shove it in the *** box, and tell you where its going, pay you your massive huge shipping fee for 3 days of $230ish, which after they said the delivery date was 10 days away, NOT 3!. So why I pay for 3 days service when there was lower price option that should take 5-6 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but the EMPLOYEE at fedex AIRPORT could not get a deliver time for either option. the 3 day or the 5-6 days to tell me anything that I needed to know before sending the *** parcel………WOW!!!!!!!! great job fedex!!! So yes, it is most DIFFICULT to get a package of *** into RUSSIA, as I have JUST learned and must wait until Monday to here more *** excuses from another FedEx employee, joy joy joy…and how long to get my box back? 1 month, 2 months, or 3, more beat me over the head *** to come. And I like to point out just how *** the Russian government is at not knowing HOW to make MONEY, they just tossed $200 in duties and taxes that I agreed to pay, SHIPPER billed, FREE friggin money for Russia, there poor citizen did not fork out one penny for anything, such a nice way to strengthen your economy you *** idiots, and nothing like *** on a 16yr girl in college that needed that ipad!! Russian should be ASHAMED of itself, you treat your people like common criminals! Most Russians I talk to are clueless to this fact simply because they do not know what it is like to live in another country. I can move from Calgary to Toronto without asking anyone. In Russia they need to see 6 doctors just to ask for PERMISSION to move to Moscow, I know as she told me so!!!

Super Power in Super Control of its people! insane!

and you have Customs GODS denying shipments and not even following your own LAWS and REGULATIONS, this package was under 1000 EURP and should be going to that 16yr girl to HELP her with her college!!!! So my advice would be to send them money via Western Union of $1000 max per month allowed. There will be no customs *** waiting at the bank to deny your money sent. Also you save on HUGE shipping cost and HASSLES. Not to mention theft!

Good Luck….Corey

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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