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Local FEDEX station already received the parcel and it's only 5-6 miles away from destination- our home. But it refuses to deliver, and had to pass it to the infamous US Post Office for delivery.

That would add at least another 3-4 days, if not a week more! The pension-guaranteed fat-cat USPS workers are not going to work on schedule, they take their own leisurely time so as not to stress their that they can retire at 50 and enjoy a long leisurely pensioned retirement.

Why can't FEDEX just deliver it to the destination? Why entrust our parcel to the well-known incompetency of US Post Office??

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Knox, Indiana, United States #761904

Just as FYI for future FedEx has nothing to do with what you choose as your shipping......if you don't want free shipping then upgrade to express otherwise DEAL WITH IT!!!! FedEX is awesome....thanks!

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #760852

That's because it's shipping Fedex Smartpost. Let me guess, the shipping was free, right?

Fedex delivers the package to the nearest sorter, then USPS does the dirty work. It's slower by about two days, but it travels on weekends and can got to PO boxes. And it saves the company about 50 cents a package.

Fedex can't deliver it to the destination because the shipper chose Smartpost to save cash-- Fedex didn't do anything at all. They've completed their task once it gets sent to the USPS.


Whenever, I have an order that is shipped the way you mentioned, it never takes longer. In fact there are times it gets here sooner than expected.

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