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I have found that the service personnel in your Kebon Jeruk branch to utterly disrespectful and lack common curiosity. As I was waiting in line, there was two other customers who seems to have difficulty filling the forms and was asking for the help of your personnel. There bloody 4 personnel there and all of them seems to be busy looking busy. Standing there like a bunch of monkeys playing with their phones and being busy with their own personal stuff. Waited 15 minutes before i got any service. And this wasn't the worst.

Have you ever seen a service representative scolding a customer? I have. The lady behind the computer screen yelled and talk in a condescending tone to these customers. From that point on, the service that i received is horrible as this lady kept on talking in disrespectful tone and kept on assuming that I do not know what i need to fill or not. My experience with FeDex is utterly disappointing and this is surprising when i compare my experience in your other branches, like the one in the Casablanca area.

All i can do urge you to use seek other services because I do not want people to experience this kind of bullcrap service and paying top dollar for it.

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