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Ordered a cheesecake from Carnegie Deli in NY for delivery to Waynesboro PA. They shipped it on Monday 12/23 for overight delivery on Christmas Eve.

Checked the website early in the day and it stated that the package was on the truck or delivery. By 7:20 pm it still wasn't here. Checked the tracking information on FedEx and it stated that "Customer was not home, or business was closed". This was posted at 7:22 PM in Hagerstown, MD.

Funny but we were home all day, had just finished dinner with the family and incidentally Waynesboro PA is about 40 minutes away. Called Fedex and basically the driver ran out of time to deliver it. Seriously, its a cheesecake that can't sit in a warehouse for another day to deliver!!!! I am so pissed because now they are saying deliery by Thursday at 10AM.

A lot of good that does since my family is now gone onto other celebrations. All Fedex would do for me is put a case in to investigate the issue.

They need to refund me the cost of the cheesecake AND overnight shipping cost. Not happy AT ALL!!!!

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You can get a refund for overnight shipping if the product missed the timeframe. Contact the company you purchased the cheesecake from and let them know. They will assist you in obtaining your refund.

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