My daughter had gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries to be sent to me for Valentines Day. She paid an extra 30.00 to have them delivered by noon today to ensure freshness.

Tracked them, they were supposedly put on the truck at 9:08 am in Montgomery, Alabama. I live 45 minutes from Montgomery & guess what they never showed! I assume they will sit on the truck overnight, so won't they just be great whenever I receive them, but honestly I doubt I will receive them. I only hope that whichever employee's wife or girlfriend gets them enjoys her stolen gift!

This has happened more than once!

I will never use them and will make sure I tell anyone who will listen not to use them either. We own a business and they have lost a customer for life!!!!

Monetary Loss: $65.

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yes they provide the worse service ever, they take extra money to be late, and then they will take extra more to give you the package.


those strawberries are awful.. fedex did you a favor..HA HA who pays all this money for garbage..you people have way to much money..what a bunch of DUMBASSES ..30 bucks extra for special delivery of some crappy fruit??? WOW

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